Thursday, February 11, 2010

Few good books

Chennai is a lonely place for any non Tamilian (or anyone remotely cool)...any one who has read "Two States" would know what I mean....
I started reading a few books to kill my spare time, here is a short review of a few -
  1. Two States - Chetan fan or not....this is a must read....especially if u live or moving to chennai...this book might just change ur mind. Very humorous...there are not many books as entertaining as this. Satisfied by this book I went on to read "5 point someone" and "3 mistakes of my life" too. Though I loved "Two States", I wouldn't say the rest are must reads.
  2. Rich Dad Poor Dad - It teaches some invaluable lessons about entrepreneurship and money management. It's the kind of book, that challenges the most basic ideas we take for granted, this book messed with my head for a few will surely mess with yours it at your own risk!
  3. Twilight - I loved the movie, and just couldn't resist reading the book. The chemistry between Bella and Edward is just as spicy as on the screens. Its a good romantic read...all those fans for Edward and Bella will surely enjoy it.
  4. Fountain Head by Ayn Rand - Finally this is the book that inspired me to write this post. I'm not through with the book yet, but....fist 120 pages were astonishing and this a rare piece of work and a must read for any remotely intelligent creature (which ofcourse eliminates majority of our population).
Untill my next post happy reading :)


  1. "The Fountainhead" happens to be one of my favorite books! Finally did you like it?

  2. It was brilliant.
    I am just glad I read it, glad that such a book exists and gald that there are people who read it!

  3. 1. fail
    2. fail
    3. fail
    4. GOOD!!