Friday, January 29, 2010

Dont be Evil?

About a decade ago, a new name called "Google" took on the search giant Yahoo, and the rest is history. What followed was almost a fairy tale, Google became the predominant name in the internet world, moving wider and deeper into every conceivable field of computer science technology.
Google was a revolutionary phenomenon in the internet world, it changed the cluttered ad filled websites to simple, free web based products. We all loved it and loved the moto "Don't be Evil". We trust google with all our email, search query, documents, voice chats,chats and a hundred other services.
When Gmail was released we mail service with 2GB space!
then came -
- Google docs
- Orkut
- Youtube
- Picassa
- Gtalk
- Google Maps
- Google Earth
- Blogger
- Books
- Google wave
- etc etc and we kept saying WOW!
I have been using Mozilla for past 5 years, I was in love with it, until.....Google decided to say..."Hey...lets get our own browser", I heartlessly dumped Mozilla and flocked onto Chrome....its was simply WOW.
Then Google says "Hey...lets get our own OS"..and so Android was released and Chrome OS is in the making.
Hmm...I thought Google to out to dominate the whole internet....then Google come up and says..."Hey we got a brand new smart phone!"......and for the first time I thought.....what the hell....dont u guys stay out of anything?.....Google basically knows more about me than my mom these days!
In the past few years google has acquired hundred's of companies, orkut, picassa, youtube being a few popular one's, but if we look at the companies Google is pocketing, we will realize how wide the Google domain is getting. It has a new language too for its developers.....Google Go.
At this point I think its considerable for us to start getting skeptic that should a company be allowed to get so powerful, of course till now it has hung on to its "Dont be Evil" moto and Of-course we cannot do anything about it, Google has the best minds in the world and very capable CEO and founder's guiding it, but it is something to think about....what will happen when Google forgets to "not be Evil".
Until then lets continue saying WOW and admire our favorite company "Google Inc".


  1. you are only 3 blogs old, but you have something in your writing which will take you far. very interesting read!

  2. yey...thank u kapoor.
    comments to a blogger is like candy to a kid...feels good that thr are people reading!

  3. Nice Post Naveen . keep blogging, really i am very much fond of you . I read only this post and have to see much more from you like this.

  4. Google basically knows more about me than my mom these days!
    I love this line