Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Not a TEEN anymore

Today a kid called me "UNCLE", I yelled at him "I'm not uncle...I'm bhaiya!", poor kid ran away. The kid deserved it though, no one calls me uncle already!.
Though very far from being a uncle, I realized that I'm not a teen anymore, I have finished college and about to enter the professional world. It was period of transition form being a irresponsible college kid to a working professional, expected to shoulder a lot of responsibilities.
This realization is both exiting and depressing. As a kid I was always exited with the idea of being able to work and earn money, and now that I'm here, It feels sad to know that, those joyful childhood and teenage years are over.
I have this theory, that by the time you hit 30, most of us are married settled into a stable profession and entered a monotonous routine of work and managing the family, with no new prospective's in life. Life becomes pretty much a cycle of definite events reoccurring every 24 hours. There is very less scope left to dream, act crazy and do something out of the box. Hence, I would say, 30 years would be a deadline, for living life solely for yourself, the way you want.
Friends time is ticking, life is short, if there is some thing you wish to do, a experience you wish to have, now is the right time, for u have only 30 years to live!
It is with this idea that I have started seeing things in my life with a new prospective. It has brought a sense of urgency in my thinking, and filled me with a new found zeal toward my dreams.
I do wish that I could grow a few years younger, become a little more juvenile, reverse the flow of time, but again, I wish for a lot of things, but God apparently has no time for any of them.

Moral of the story - don't call me uncle!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Endless Battle of Time

How does a jobless guy pass time?
Since the dawn of time, mankind has struggled to fight against boredom, there have been many sacrifices, but struggle is far from over.
Lately I, myself have been doing a lot of thinking to solve this million dollar problem once and for all!
It wasn't easy...I experimented with every activity I could think of...but the problem persisted!
I started my counter attacks by watching 50+ GB of movies, numerous TV series and cartoons that I had collected in college, just for times like this....but soon, they did run out!
Another very effective and most promising solution was...... the enchanting and bewitching "World of Warcraft"..... salutes to Blizzard Entertainment for providing a beacon of hope to millions of lost young souls out there. I was having a bawl, but it wasn't meant to, soon the server shut down and I was lost again.
In dark times like these u can always count on one friend, as it is said "Books are a mans true friend". They did provide a lot of comfort and closure. I read everything I could get my hands on, a few books twice. Reading too many Sidney Sheldon's...turned his novels from awesome -> good -> boring and monotonous.
Finally I had no more new sources of books and no cash to buy new once, and so I am back to square one.
I shall not give up so easy, not so soon.
My latest quest in the pursuit of true cure to boredom is this, "BLOGGING".
I shall follow this with a lot many more, mindless and utterly useless posts, as I shall not give up!..and I request co operation of you all, as the problem in question is of utmost importance.

Thanks for your time.
Note - Criticism not welcome.