Friday, September 3, 2010

Uncertain Again

Life's a struggle,
My logic's are right!,
But so much of effort,
so little has changed!

The pain, the struggle, the thorny roads,
but this is a race, I shall not loose!
for there are mountains to climb, and dragon's to slay,
and glory, and riches, at the end of it all. 

I run, I sprint, sometimes jog along,
too tired at times, but life moves on,
sometimes I stop and start to wonder,
Is this the right path, is there a destination at all?

Sometimes you see a passerby
hopping along, to his merry tunes,
lost in his world of utter joy,
innocently happy for nothing at all.

Then you stop and start to wonder,
if the logic's were wrong all along,
if there ever was a race,
if the end, the path, does not matter at all.

With a new found wonder and cradle of joy,
you smile for nothing and look around,
the meadows, the birds, the tender flowers,
Alas, the worlds beautiful, after all!