Friday, March 5, 2010


Watched a typical bollywood pakaau film, it deserves some criticism, so here I am with my rotten tomato's. First of all I would like to say ":balls" to praveen, for asking me to watch it in a theater, I cursed you all through the 2nd half.

Coming to the movie, it's all about Japanese technology, really....the whole movie is based on that!. With Japanese phone you get a smarter avatar of yourself, giving you life changing advice for free! and the phone works even when unplugged, brilliant!
1st half of the movie would manage to keep you interested, but 2nd half is brutally boring with over dosage of utterly lame emotions. To top the stupidity, the girl beside me, freaked out on every stupid phone call in the movie, I wondered if she misunderstood this to a horror movie. Only thing that got me through was, that lovely, gorgeous face of Deepika padukone, aah...I'm in love with her again!
Farhan Akhtar tried his best, but was not enough to makeup for the bad direction and lack of content. The emotional aspect of movie was out of place and chemistry between Deepika and Farhan was just not working (how could it?, Farhan is a foot shorter than her!). I do credit the movie for its ending though, It managed to explain all the "magic phone" drama convincingly at the end.

My friend, who was sitting in the front sent me a text message during the movie, it said - "Japanese tech + Indian brain = pakao movie", I burst out laughing, caz it pretty much summed up the movie.
My verdict - It not a fun movie, not a intellectual movie, nor a "timepasser", but a "moneywaster".

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